27 Nov 2015

Soundhunters track

Yes, this blog is still alive. :-)

Here's a track I made for the Zoolook Revisited competion by Soundhunters.

It's mostly Fairlight Series IIx together with a bit of Nord Rack 3 for the melody and a Korg Prophecy for the bass line. All of this topped off with Live percussion by Luc Van Acker.
The track was mixed and arranged in Ableton Live 9.

I tend to sample a lot of etnic voices, sourced from different places, in the Fairlight. All of the samples you hear were created that way.

The intention was to recreate the vibe of the Zoolook album. One of my favourite albums of all time.

The opening sound of the track was recorded in the street where I live. It's a "ragman" adverising his presence and calling out for old free metal stuff.

24 Oct 2013

Importing wave files in the Fairlight C.M.I. Series II/IIx & other tricks

The availability of a Flash Drive Storage solution for the Fairlight C.M.I. has made it possible to transfer wave files between your Fairlight and a computer.

This tutorial is both for Mac and Windows users. But since I’m a Mac user this tutorial focusses more on the Mac experience.

Besides the instructions on how to import wave files you'll also find lots of other useful info for using the C.M.I. Flash Kit.

More info about The C.M.I. Flash Kit, including buying one, can be found here:

Click here to download the tutorial.

10 Jun 2013

Akai News Clip

From 1988 to 1993 Akai EMI Benelux released a Dutch newsletter for their Akai Professional users.

I've scanned my copies that they were so kind to send me at the time.
Click on an image below to download that issues as a PDF document.

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7 Mar 2013

Two is better than one.

2 x IIx.

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12 Jan 2013

Electronic Instrument Archive

This website is a treasure trove of synth brochures and ads.


8 Sep 2012

Emu SP-12 Turbo OS 2.6

Click here to download the EPROM images for v2.6 for the EMU SP-12 Turbo.

SP12A26.Bin is for a MBM27128-30 EPROM. It's the EPROM on the left below the power supply.
SP12B26.Bin is for a MBM2764-25 EPROM. It's EPROM on the right below the power supply.

Note: The images are from my machine. Apparantly my SP-12 (Serial# 826) has version B2 (see below). Use at your own risk!

And here is the official EMU service document that describes the 2.5 known bugs and 2.6 fixes