2 Jan 2006

Emulator III

I like making music with hardware stuff, no soft synths or soft sequencers for me. It's just what I like the best. I don't pretend that one or the other is better or worse.

I'd like to talk a little bit about my favourite sampler, the EIII. I will be using this blog to post various tips and tricks for the EIII in the future. My first sampler was a Commodore 64 with a DATEL Sampler module. My second sampler was the Akai S900. I also have Native Instruments Kontakt on my iBook. But since I decided not to use computers to create music I'm not using that one at anymore.

I found my EIII last year after making some phone calls to different recording studio's in Belgium. It didn't take me long to find one that was gathering dust which I could buy. But it wasn't in excellent condition. I had to restore the backlight, it had dead stereo outputs and when I played it samples would be digitally distorted. The filters also needed to be recalibrated. The distorted samples were a consequence of bad contacts between the memory simms and their sockets.

BTW, it's a 4MB model.

I use it in combination with an Apple PowerMac 7100/80 with a G3 processor and Audiomedia II card. The 7100 is connected with the EIII using SCSI. I run Alchemy 3.0 on the 7100 to edit and transfer samples between the two.

A lot of info about the EIII can be found at the Emulator Archive.

Here's a picture of my EIII:

And the EIII with it's cover open:

I'd love to hear about other EIII users and their experience with this machine. Please leave a comment.



Blogger esa said...

I have a EIII rack serial no. 02
i have access to another rack version, about serial 200+. I was thinking of swapping some of the parts around because some of my voices are quiet/distorted on my model( no problem just disabled the 3 bad voices).my Os is 2.00 on eeprom and 2.4 disk.

i think the eiii is the best sampler to own period, it just sounds so powefull and smooth. The other rack version has quite a few modifications but is a bit poorly. it has a big SCSI port and various things listed inside that have been upgraded, both are 8 meg memory.

I have heard that they are not too reliable especially the keyboard version.

12:08 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for the great info on this page. i have a mysterious problem with my EIII and was wondering if anyone out there had an answer. The LFO can be assigned to everything EXCEPT pitch...? sems strange. i can modulate the filter--volume--panning etc , but doesn't do anything when i assign it to pitch. Although, when using the mod wheel it does affect pitch to a small degree...? any thoughts?

7:44 pm  
Anonymous ELM said...

These Infos are so great!!! I'll have to print them out and insert them into my EIII Manual...
I have an EIII, two EIIs, two Emax and an old EI, so I'm an E-Mu Vintage Fanatic I can tell. I like the EII sound a lot more than the sound of the EIII, but the EIII is definitely the brain of my setup... It contains my drumsets and acts as the master sequencer. There's a guy in the EII Yahoo Group who replaced the internal EIII HD with a FLASH Card!!! Very interesting.... Maybe he'll post a tutorial about that..
Anyway, thanks for YOUR site, and greetings,

6:24 pm  

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