13 Jan 2006

Kraftwerk - Numern/Computer World - Live 1981
What follows is a first excerpt from a 1981 TV special about Kraftwerk.
This is actual footage of Kraftwerk in concert with their Kling Klang Studio on stage.

You'll need Quicktime 7 to watch this video stream. The stream will not be made available for download and will be online for a limited period of time.


Blogger ortho said...

Yeah i got this footage on DVD and i watch it to get me hyped up. I love the way they are so motionless except for the shaking leg metronome. This was before they automated everything live. The version on my DVD of "the Robots" is so badass too, way funky.

6:27 pm  
Blogger earsethost said...

way cool. i've never seen kraftwerk, and have only seen props. this is golden.

4:36 am  

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