3 Jan 2006

New tools for Neuron and Neuron VS

Surround SFX OSXtools is providing new OS X tools for the Neuron and the Neuron VS plugin.
The now defunct Hartmann company won't be giving any support anytime soon to the Neuron/Neuron VS users.
So it's good to see that other people are still supporting the Neuron VS.

There's already a freeware utility to edit the Neuron Models and a commercial product that turns the Nuke into a Midi Controller for all plugins.

Here's a link to their site: http://www.surroundsfx.com/
Here's a direct link to the OSXtools: http://www.osxtools.com/index.html?nuke4all.html


Blogger tahome said...

It's OSXTools who are providing the new software. SurroundSFX is the distributor.

6:41 pm  

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