19 Jan 2006

Old synths and EPROMS
A while ago my Akai S900 died on me because of a corrupt EPROM. For those of you who don't know, the EPROM chips contain the Operating System for your synthesizer/sampler. Once it's corrupt the device won't work anymore.

Since I have some old synths and samplers that contain EPROMs and I want to continue to use them for a long time I ordered an EPROM-programmer. I went for the SPEP plus which I bought here from Futurelec.
This little device permits you to read the contents of an EPROM, save it to disk or program another EPROM with it.
At first I was a bit afraid that I could harm the programmed EPROMS by reading them, but everything went just fine. It's a straightforward process. You put the programmed EPROM in the SPEP, read its content, insert a new EPROM and program it.

I made a backup of the EPROMs from my Akai VX600 and Emulator III. Once tested, I left the new programmed EPROMS in the synths. BTW, each device contains 2 EPROMS.

Here's a picture of the EIII while it's EPROMs are being swapped. I had to take the CPU board (second from above) out of the Card Cage to have access to the EPROMS.

I've put the EPROM images I made online for backup purposes.
You can download them here:

EMULATOR III - Version 2.0
EPROM type: 27128B
Label: IP381A EMU SYSTEMS 4088
Location: Lower left corner of the CPU board
download here

EPROM type: 27128B
Label: IP380A EMU SYSTEMS 4088
Location: To the right of the previous EPROM
download here

Update 19.09.07:
Dr C. notes two points to emphasize :
1. Do not use 27C128, use 27128, without the "C"
2. The eproms shoiuld have a suffix like : -60 or -80, this is the aduisition
time, in nanoseconds, so it should be (for example) :
AM27158-60, or TS27128-80
Any higher value than 80 will not work !

Akai VX600 - Version 1.2
EPROM type 27C256
Label: VX600 (1) V1.2
Location: Right in the middle of the main PCB
download here

EPROM type 27C64
Label: VX600 (2) V1.12
Location: At the right side of the main PCB
download here

Note: all files are in binary format.

update 21.08.2011: download links now point to the new server location.

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Blogger esa said...

I have a vx600 serial 30615 - 01050 but mine is made for the japan market,i havent been able to get a power lead yet for it.2-pin power connector.Cheers for the eeprom images.
Im from the UK.

1:34 am  
Blogger Mr T said...

Hi, I noticed your "Homepage dedicated to the Akai VX600" site is down (http://kunst.phlimburg.be/vx600). Can you put it up again? It was a great resource!


4:31 am  

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