26 Jun 2006

Synth Prototypes

A collection of synth prototypes that later on evolved into commercial products.

First up, the Emulator IIIx. This one was revealed to the public in 1991:

Next up, the Oberheim OBMx prototype. This is the first version without the LCD:

The Yamaha CDSX prototype. What was to become the Yamaha DX1:

The Akai VX90 prototype. I'd rather wished they left it like this, than the one they eventually released:


Blogger McMike said...

I had the original prototypes of the Akai S900 and MPC60. The MPC60 was called the ADR15 then, and the prototype didn't have the flip-up screen. I wish I had never sold it.
Mike McRoberts

11:24 pm  
Anonymous rob said...

The product development guys at E-mu Systems tried to launch an enhanced Emulator III a number of times, before eventually getting the production EIIIX out in 1993 based on the Emax II of 1989. Why the delay? E-mu Systems new management killed the project as they wanted to focus on mass volume Proteus sales, and not the high end sampling market. Lots of good ideas nearly made it into the new Emulator, including hard disk recording, but production EIIIX was too late to be a hit, and the Akai S1100 simply killed it. E-mu Systems bounced back with the E4 once Creative gave them the cash to get some new DSP chips and better SMT technology.

12:28 am  
Blogger dvdborn said...

Hi Rob,
Thanks for this enlightening info about the EIIIX.

1:43 pm  

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