23 Jul 2006

Keytek CTS2000

I came across this by accident on a synth trading site. Never heard of this synth before and started googling it.

The Keytek CTS2000 looks interesting on the inside. OTOH, The outside looks very dull. The Keytek line was an attempt at reviving Siel around 1987.

It's a wavetable synth with 2 oscillators/voice, 8 voices and analogue CEM 3389 filters, the same as in the Waldorf Microwave I. Each digital oscillator can read up to three wave tables at a time.

This page has some good info about it.
More info here including the manual and MIDI implementation chart.
Listen to a demo song here.


Anonymous Steppenwolf von Mensch said...


why are the links not working?

I really want to know how it sounds!


2:26 am  

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