22 Jul 2006

Support for the Synclavier, one of the 3 mythical 80's samplers (Fairlight and Emulator being the other 2), is still very much alive.

SynclavierX is an OS X application to control actual Synclavier voice cards and memory without the need of the obsolete original computer.

More info here.

This is still the beginning since new features are planned. An interface to Mac OS X's Core Audio system is planned for a later release. This interface will allow any OS X audio input device to emulate the Synclavier's Sample-To-Memory device. Additionally, a Core MIDI driver is planned that will allow Synclavier tracks to be triggered by an external sequencer, and will allow the Synclavier sequencer to use external (and virtual) midi devices. Improvements to InterChangeX will provide for simplified exchange of sound files between SynclavierX and other audio applications.

Now if only I had some Synclavier voice cards around.

Some history about the Synclavier can be found here.

Synclavier PDF-manuals:
Volume 1: PostPro
Volume 2: Sound Design
Volume 3: Reference



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