7 Aug 2006

Free Synclavier 9600 only album

Here's a free album made entirely on a Synclavier 9600 system.
The liner notes tells us that:
"This album was performed entirely on the Synclavier Digital Audio System. The output from the Synclavier was recorded straight to DAT via an analogue mixing desk. This is meant to demonstrate the outstanding audio capabilities and depth, clarity and separation of sound on the Synclavier system."

The link was found at this page where you can purchase your own complete Synclavier 9600 system.

All the info was taken from this excellent Synclavier site.
I also suggest this page for an overview of the Synclaviers uniqueness.



Blogger Doktor Future said...

w o w

5:45 am  
Blogger Roberto said...

Excellent find, thank you.

10:06 am  
Blogger sendling said...

blogged. :-)
thank you.

nice and informative blog btw.

8:21 pm  
Blogger dvdborn said...


10:16 am  
Anonymous Moonpony said...

I am a synth service technician, I have an EIII and an EIIIx in the basement. After seeing your blog I pulled them out, and I can see that I need to replace a tantalum capacitor in the memory section of the EIIIx, and the EIII keyboard has no system floppy so I can't check it for full functionality. I guess I will scrap the EIII for spares as I have no way of booting it, but I will go ahead and fix the EIIIx. I remembered that I have several full tubes of new zip RAM for the 'x, so I will max out it's memory and try it out.

9:24 am  

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