12 Aug 2006

Keeping the Emulator III alive - Part 3: The Power Supply

I'll try to be short on this one. Just hope that your Power Supply never dies. :-)

While testing all different kind of Hard Disks for my EIII (as explained in Part 1) I must have turned the EIII off and on once too many. At one point the EIII was totally dead. Power Supply had gone.

The Power Supply was made by Power-One, type SPL150-S109. But they have dropped all support for the SPL150-series and refused to provide me details about the power supply.

This is what the technical manual has to say about the power supply: EIII uses a switching power supply. We do not repair these supplies at the factory and do not even have schematics for them.

A technician helped fixing it but we were unable to trace a component, which looks like a transistor and might even be one, labelled Motorola 21407 8835 K. So if anyone knows what this is, please leave a comment.

I was lucky enough to find a second hand EIII power supply, not cheap though, and now my EIII is back up and running.

Here are the voltages from the power supply as described in the technical manual:
Green wire = ground
Orange wire = +12V
Yellow wire = +5V
Black wire = -14.25V to -15.75V
Red wire = +14.25V to +15.75V

Here's a photo of the internal power cable:

As you can see there's also a blue cable which is not described in the technical manual. I can now tell you that this is also a ground wire.



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