19 Aug 2006

Keeping the Emulator III alive - Part 4: Memory

When I first got my EIII it had been in storage for a few years. When I sampled a sound and played it back it sounded all distorted. This was due to the fact that the memory SIMMs didn't make proper contact with the memory sockets.

I took out the top card out of the card cage which contains the SIMMs. Took out all 16 SIMMs and cleaned the contacts with contact cleaner. I did this as well for all the SIMM sockets. Afterwards everything sounded fine.

The EIII comes in 2 memory sizes: 4MB and 8MB. The early 4MB version uses 16 x 'standard' 30 pin 256KB SIMMs. These are the same SIMMs that were used in the Atari ST. Later EIII models had 4 x 1M simms in the first 4 slots.

Rob from the Emulator Archive once let me know that: "EIII upgrades from 4MB to 8MB have become impossible. You can't get the PAL chips that address the extra memory. You need 2 of them and they are long since obsolete and unfortunately no one has managed to recreate them. We have the binaries from the E-mu Systems vault, but they don't work..."



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