30 Jul 2006

New track for your listening pleasure

Click here to download/listen

My Summer Track for this year. What better to do on a hot summer afternoon than to nick 8 bars from an old french record and make a dance track, Daft Punk Style, with it.
Main instruments used: Akai MPC3000, Korg Prophecy and Sherman Filterbank

BTW, it's been too long since records contained the Orch5 Fairlight hit. MSTRKRFT were brave enough to use the Orch5 sample back again. You can hear it in their remix of Wolfmother - woman (mstrkrft remix).
This track is my contribution to the Orch5 revivement.

Let me know what you think of it.

23 Jul 2006

Keytek CTS2000

I came across this by accident on a synth trading site. Never heard of this synth before and started googling it.

The Keytek CTS2000 looks interesting on the inside. OTOH, The outside looks very dull. The Keytek line was an attempt at reviving Siel around 1987.

It's a wavetable synth with 2 oscillators/voice, 8 voices and analogue CEM 3389 filters, the same as in the Waldorf Microwave I. Each digital oscillator can read up to three wave tables at a time.

This page has some good info about it.
More info here including the manual and MIDI implementation chart.
Listen to a demo song here.

22 Jul 2006

Support for the Synclavier, one of the 3 mythical 80's samplers (Fairlight and Emulator being the other 2), is still very much alive.

SynclavierX is an OS X application to control actual Synclavier voice cards and memory without the need of the obsolete original computer.

More info here.

This is still the beginning since new features are planned. An interface to Mac OS X's Core Audio system is planned for a later release. This interface will allow any OS X audio input device to emulate the Synclavier's Sample-To-Memory device. Additionally, a Core MIDI driver is planned that will allow Synclavier tracks to be triggered by an external sequencer, and will allow the Synclavier sequencer to use external (and virtual) midi devices. Improvements to InterChangeX will provide for simplified exchange of sound files between SynclavierX and other audio applications.

Now if only I had some Synclavier voice cards around.

Some history about the Synclavier can be found here.

Synclavier PDF-manuals:
Volume 1: PostPro
Volume 2: Sound Design
Volume 3: Reference


15 Jul 2006

Jarre gear p*rn video

This is obvious a playback. But look at the collection of, now, vintage gear.
What's that 70's white design thing on his upper left side? Looks like a sequencer of some sorts.
UPDATE: Jupiter8 let me know that the white thingy is a Eko Computerythm.

Jean-Michel Jarre demonstrates the AKS