28 Nov 2006

Ryuichi Sakamoto & his Fairlight - 1984
Ryuichi Sakamoto being interviewed by Jools Holland on The Tube in 1984.
Never mind that the video and audio is out of sync. Still a great clip.

22 Nov 2006

New OS for MPC3000 coming

A new OS for the MPC3000 is being developed by Rohan Mansell.
Check out his site at www.mansell-labs.com for the latest progressions.

New features will include:

1. MIDI CLOCK can be sent to ALL 4 MIDI output ports simultaneously.
2. MIDI TIME CODE can be sent to ALL 4 MIDI output ports simultaneously.
3. SAMPLE EDIT screen now features a TRUNC SFT ST+END function.
4. Samples can now be real-time edited and/or processed while the sequencer is Playing or Recording.
5. New "Timing Correct / Step Size" options.
6. New BOOT SCREEN shows Software Version and License status then after approximately five seconds; SEQUENCE MEMORY, SAMPLE MEMORY and SMPTE I0055 option IC status.
7. Disk menu now features a robust sector at a time disk copier.


3 Nov 2006

Japanese clip featuring the Fairlight CMI Series 2
Don't know if the song is also produced on the machine.

More info about Techma: http://techma.d4k.net/

Via Chris Strellis on the Fairlight list.

Update 13.12.06

Arthur L. Luiten kindly provided me with a translation of the lyrics.
Techma certainly isn't singing about the Fairlight.

A woman alone, with long legs, slipped into the taxi
With her long, twisting tongue she murmered: "I love you"
But I know you cannot satisfy me. You just cannot satisfy me.
It's not there.

A nervous man adjusting his wing mirror again and again
The bill of his card came back to his mind, and he looked back at the woman
If you only could satisfy the desire of this fellow here. Will you satisfy my desire?
It's not there.

The girl from the village of Yamada, longing for Daikanyama mountain
While she was lying in the arms of the Blue Bird Man
She murmered: "I want to leave this place."
Once upon a time. A woman from Tokai. An elegant adult woman.
It's not there