20 Dec 2006

Pet Shop Boys Live 1986. 2 x Fairlights, Emulator II, ...
Continuing the Fairlight video theme from the previous posts here our some more. Starting with the Pet Shop Boys performing Opportunities on The Old Grey Whistle Test in 1986. They used 2 Fairlight Series II for the backing track together with an Emulator II, Yamaha DX1 & DX7 and a Technics PX-1. If you look closely you'll see that the TV screens in the back are showing Page R.

More Fairlight featured clips:
Fairlight Lesson 1 by Darren Hayes
Todd Rundgren - Accapela
Keith Emmerson scoring a soundtrack
•Revolting Cocks live in 1987 with a Series II on stage.
- Attack ships on Fire
- No devotion
- TV Mind

Peter Vogel's Fairlight page: http://www.anerd.com/fairlight/index.htm
And here's an informative Fairlight related site: http://egrefin.free.fr/eng/fairlight/fairlightE.php


10 Dec 2006

Herbie Hancock, Quincy Jones and a Fairlight