4 Mar 2007

Emulator 2 start problem
The floppy reader clicks three times, the machine displays "This will take
a while" or "Boot in progress" and sits there forever.


TAKE AWAY the power plug from the machine.

Open it and take the power supply away.

You will see that the connector (the one with the yellow, red wires that
distributes the power to the boards and the floppies) may be brown, burned
at the location of the yellow wires, wich is the +5 volts.

Idealy, this connector shoud be changed. If you cant, just clean it by
putting some contact cleaner.

Power supply, now...

If you take an attentive look to the solder side on the connector pins, you
will find out that the solder is crackeled.

By using a solder pump, take away the bad solder and take away the connector.

Using a blade, scratch the varnish off the board (near the holes of the
connector) in order to increase the surface of the soldering on the copper
layer of the board.

Clean everything.

Clean the pins of the connector.

Solder the connector back in place, put A LOT of solder but be carefull
that the solder doesn't come in contact with the right angle metallic plate
when you put the power supply back in place onto it and as well, be sure
you are not shorting some connector pins !

VERIFY EVERYTHING before soldering, while soldering, after soldering and
verify your verification !!!

Put the power supply back in place, do not forget to put back the two wires
of the voltage selector, neither the connector with the wires.

CAUTION : an "unloaded" E2 power suplply wil BLOW INSTANTLY if you forget
to put back ALL the connectoirs in place.

It will work for years then.

Thanks to Dr.C for providing this info.



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