12 Jul 2007

3 x EII
I always thought this was a good video just because it features 3 Emulator II's lined up next to each other.
Beats International - Won't talk about it (1990)

I wish that someone would upload their Top of The Pops performance of this song on YouTube. I remember seeing 4 EII's on the stage.


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6:10 am  
Blogger Failed Muso said...

The ironic thing is that Norman probably used Akai's (his "weapon of choice") in the studio to create this track ! :o)

I never knew until recently that the drummer you see in this video is Dave Barbarossa (aka Dave Barbe), original drummer with Adam And The Ants in their Dirk Wears White Sox era, who then went on to drum with Bow Wow Wow & Republica, to name a few.

I always loved Norman's early post Housemartins work. His debut solo single, Blame It On The Bassline feat. MC Wildski, was a classic Brit House track which lead to the creation of Beats International. The 12" also features the original version of "Won't Talk About It" featuring Billy Bragg. Cracking tune :o)

6:30 pm  
Anonymous ACB said...

Just came across this blog following link from AH. I played the 'piano' in this video (actually Pete Wingfield played this studio version and I mimed it!). And yes, there were four EIIs on TOTP - we tried to get four for the video you posted but couldn't get them all together. It was supposed to be the opposite of what we'd used in the Dub Be Good To Me video - Pro 5, Minimoog, etc. Happy Days :-)

11:32 pm  

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