24 May 2008

First test Fairlight Series IIx + demo's

Lately I've been busy restoring a Series IIx that had sustained serious damage from a leaked battery. Thanks to Peter Wielk at Horizontal Productions I was able to replace the broken cards. And after some extra debugging, the alphanumeric keyboard wasn't working, I'm able to start learning and using this dream machine.

There is a nice 8-inch floppy included with demo songs for Page 9 (Keyboard Sequencer). Here are 3 of them. Recorded from the mix output without any treatment.

1. Prelude
2. Asia
3. Swing

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Blogger Doktor Future said...

Wow! It sounds really bad! Good one!

Amazing restoring it!


3:15 am  
Blogger Jimmy said...

I'm loving your play-by-play - I've always wanted one too (and remember your "programmed by" references as well), so keep up the updates!

2:22 pm  

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