8 Jul 2008

Stephan Eicher Live - Fantastic live looping on stage
Stephan Eicher is one of my favorite artists. Each album and tour he does has a unique concept. On his latest tour he is accompanied on stage with 2 other musicians.

The great thing is that they play acoustic and electro acoustic instruments on stage and start looping them. I don't know for sure but I believe they're using Ableton Live. When I went to see him, Stephan had a black MacBook on stage with him. It looked like he was triggering the loop recordings on a foot controller. If anybody knows for sure what he uses to loop please leave a note in the comments.

Once they had built up a whole arrangement with loops, they would start muting and unmuting tracks to great effect. Too bad this is't shown in the videos below. Nonetheless, the clips below are awesome. It's best to play the videos full screen.

The looping bit starts at 2:10

This clip has some onscreen comments:



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