24 May 2008

First test Fairlight Series IIx + demo's

Lately I've been busy restoring a Series IIx that had sustained serious damage from a leaked battery. Thanks to Peter Wielk at Horizontal Productions I was able to replace the broken cards. And after some extra debugging, the alphanumeric keyboard wasn't working, I'm able to start learning and using this dream machine.

There is a nice 8-inch floppy included with demo songs for Page 9 (Keyboard Sequencer). Here are 3 of them. Recorded from the mix output without any treatment.

1. Prelude
2. Asia
3. Swing

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15 May 2008

totally wired

Here is a trailer for a forthcoming documentary called 'Totally Wired', which is about Andreas Schneider and his infamous analogue store in Berlin, Germany, called 'Schneider's Buero'.

The doc explores the relationship between the boutique builders and gear- lusty musicians who make Schneider's Buero an interface in its own right.

Doc features some heavy inventors like Wowa Cwejmann, Dieter Doepfer and Ken Maccbeth as well as musicians like Ricardo Villalobos, Daniel Miller and Junior Boys.

More info here: http://totallywired.tumblr.com

Trailer for 'Totally Wired' from niamhahern on Vimeo.

6 May 2008

Peter Vogel's Fairlight audio archive

Here >> is a collection of audio material including Fairlight demos, radio interviews and CMI pieces from the eighties. There are even a couple of recordings from the Fairlight CMI's predecessor, the Qasar M8, designed by Tony Furse. The M8 did not use sampling, the sounds were generated by additive Fourier synthesis.