9 Aug 2009

Mike Oldfield - Live in 1984 with a Fairlight



Anonymous Jesper said...

Mike Oldfield, on stage with Fairlight Cmi series II, Oberheim Ob-xa, Roland VP 330 strings... Mmmm, This is one of my favorite "prog" track sprinkled with my favorite Sampler. Why dont they do it this way today?

For hardcore Oldfield and Fairlight fans only. There are tracks on the internet (from this consert and track) where you can listen to the Fairlight in isolation. Interesting, Oldfield make good use off the orginal CMI libray. In particular he seems to like the "Oohh" voices...

Thanks again for your wonderfull blogg, Dvdborn! And as usual: If there are any way you could share some off your multisamples of the soft "Oohh" voices. I would be more than grateful...

Sorry for my bad english..

10:24 pm  

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