19 Sep 2009

Time stretching on a Series IIx
I recently found out about this cool trick on the Series IIx. It's possible to time stretch a sample in real time.

This can be achieved by assigning the loop start point to one of the sliders on the music keyboard and setting the loop length to a very small amount.

Here you can listen to the results:

• This is the original sample that I took from an radio news broadcast. : Listen here
• The same sample played on a single voice while manually changing the loop start point. Loop value = 1: Listen here
• Loop value = 1 - playing chords: Listen here
• Loop value = 2 - single voice: Listen here
• Loop value = 2 - chords: Listen here
• Loop value = 3 - single voice: Listen here
• Loop value = 3 - chords: Listen here
• Loop value = 8 - single voice: Listen here
• Loop value = 8 - chords: Listen here

I like the fact how it can make a voice sound really robotic / vocoder-like when the loop value is at its absolute minimum (1).
The Series IIx still keeps amazing me.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice... J,M-Jarre does alot of that trick in "Magnetic Fields".

But perhaps the best example here:

Sesame Street:
"Herbie Hancock Makes Sounds"


11:28 am  

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