29 Apr 2009

Great looking Series IIx
Keeping up with the theme of posting vintage Fairlight related stuff. Here's another on eBay.
I wish I had the money to buy this one. It looks to be in great condition.

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27 Apr 2009

2 Fairlights for sale from Mike Oldfield's live setup

Too bad that they're non functional. If you're feeling adventurous, get them and restore them. Having, and still restoring, one Fairlight is enough for me.


16 Apr 2009

Metronomy Live

I saw these guys recently perform on Arte and really enjoyed it. 3 guys with a Microkorg, Korg M500 Micropreset and a MacBook.

You can watch their Arte performance here (unfortunately no video embedding) until 25.04.09.

Here's a performance recorded on Live on Couleur3.

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11 Apr 2009

Sherman Restyler

I recently had the chance to play with one of the prototypes and it's an amazing effect box. If you liked the original Filterbank you'll certainly like the Restyler. It certainly isn't a replacement for the original Filterbank, it is a whole new effect box on its own.

Among it's many features it has 3 seperate filter bands (hence the 3 sliders) which can have individual amplitude modulation. This means that you can use it to expand or compress the individual bands.

David Morley made some good video's demonstrating the unit.

Check out the Sherman YouTube channel for more videos: ShermanFilters