3 Jan 2011

First sounds from the CMI-30A
Peter Vogel has posted the first sounds of the new CMI-30A. These sounds hightlight the new 'brew' function. To quote Peter:

"One of these is the ability to 'brew' two or more sounds together, such that they take on each other's flavours. Technically, this is an extension of convolution, which is a method for creating reverberation or ambience."

OOH and a Trumpet just mixed
Here is the 30A's brew: OOH and Trumpet brew

A couple of other examples of the new Fairlight Brews:

Grunt and Piano brew
Truly a piano with grunt!

Shaker and Drum brew
(Try to imagine what this instrument looks like)

Cello and racing car brew
(Imagine a symphony orchestra string section packed into a racing car, approaching then receeding into the distance).

Click here for the post on the Fairlight Instruments forum including the samples.

Here's a close up of the keypad on the new Fairlight keyboard. It's in fact an iPhone docking station.

These are again exciting times in the world of sampling.


Blogger synthetic said...

You have to be a forum member to hear it. I registered but no response yet.

1:04 am  
Blogger dvdborn said...

The post has been updated with direct links to the sound samples.

12:51 pm  

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