19 May 2012

EMU Documentary

This one came in on the EIII forum via Kevin Monahan.

If you are a fan of the Emulator family, EMAX, and some history of sampling and synths, we have a local TV show called In The Loop and this months episode is on EMU Systems and includes interviews with founders Dave Rossum and Scott Wedge as well as early employees Kevin Monahan and Max Mobley.

Tune in 5/18 or 6/1 at 8:30PM (pacific time) on the internet or local Santa Cruz cable TV for our little EMU documentary. Here is some more details.

On Air Info - both on local cable television and streaming

Download version to support SCCTV - $5


Kevin Monahan

Update: Here's a bit more info from Kevin about the documentary.

It was not a full fledged documentary but an episode of a show my wife, Denise Gallant, started about a year ago called In The Loop - Art & Technology. The discussion was shot live by volunteer community TV members and Denise edited in bits and pieces from material we had or found. I think that is how I found the Emulator Sampler User Forum. We only had an hour to shoot the round-table interview. We needed another hour at least. Alas, this is all a labor of love and without funding we are limited in the scope of the project. We would love to do a real documentary and have a lot of old video that has never seen the light of day.

The Emulator1, Emulator II and Emax were all 8 Bit instruments but each used a different type of 8 Bit Compression to attempt to improve signal to noise, etc.. . They also approached pitch shifting differently. The Emulator II could be over-saturated, kind of like analog tape, and it sounded good. I don't think that was by design. It was necessary to develop a chip to reduce parts and costs and the E Chip was the first attempt. It had its pluses and minuses and we learned from it and it led to the G Chip which was really an incredible piece of technology.


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