8 Sep 2012

Emu SP-12 Turbo OS 2.6

Click here to download the EPROM images for v2.6 for the EMU SP-12 Turbo.
SP12A26.Bin is for a MBM27128-30 EPROM. It's the EPROM on the left below the power supply.
SP12B26.Bin is for a MBM2764-25 EPROM. It's EPROM on the right below the power supply.
Note: The images are from my machine. Apparantly my SP-12 (Serial# 826) has version B2 (see below). Use at your own risk!
And here is the official EMU service document that describes the 2.5 known bugs and 2.6 fixes

Update 15.05.2017

The checksum for the SP12A26.BIN image is E7AF
The checksum for the SP12B26.BIN image is 37D7

In response to a comment I've created a new image of my SP12A26.BIN EPROM (click here to download) to check if there's a problem with the original image files. However, I can confirm that the above mentioned checksum is correct and the same as the original image file.

Here's the verification result from my EPROM burner (15/05/2017):